Frequent Questions

Simple answers to your most common questions

  • I don't know anything about trading

    Perfect. You are exactly who this service is for. We will trade for you. Our trades will be copied to your trading account as we enter, exit and manage our own trades.

  • Do I have to sit and stare at my computer all day?

    NO. A trading robot does all the heavy lifting so you don't have to. It monitors the markets for the perfect trading senarios and only places trades with strict predefined parameters.

  • Can i cancel my subscription at any time?

    YES. Your subscription is month-to-month so you can cancel whenever you like. You will be able to access the service until your renewal date. There are no refunds.

  • Can I place trade on my own?

    YES. You are free to trade on your own if you see opportunities in the market.

  • Can I close your trades if i want?

    YES. You can close out your trades whenever you want. If you've made enough money from a particular trade and want to caputure your profit, feel free to close that trade.

  • Can you teach me how to trade?

    NO. There are tons of educational, training and coaching resources on the web. We've spent years developing and tweaking our software to reduce the risk and stress of trading manually. If you're curious about the currency market and financial instruments we trade then by all means do your research. Happy learning!

  • Forex Signals Scams and Fraudulent Services

    We've noticed a lot of questionable forex services recently. Some people in the market provide unreliable, fake and cherry picked results. Don't be deceived by these services. Make sure they have live results and trading history available as we provide. Do your research. We're extremely confident in our system and know you will be too.

  • How do you pick your trades?

    We are technical traders. We do not trade news releases. We have developed proprietary trading algorithms that we have used for several years. These algorithms monitor price action and scan all the currency pairs for perfect trading opportunities.

  • Are you an introducing broker?

    NO. Most signal services have relationships with forex brokers and offer their signals for FREE if you signup with their broker. They get paid for each trade that's placed, WIN or LOSE. Be careful. We're not here to hustle you. We genuinely want to see you make money.

  • How long do you stay in trades?

    We generally dont stay in trades very long, at most three days. Profit targets can also be reached in minutes. Beware of signal providers that boast no losing trades but stay in trades for weeks until they become profitable. Don't over leverage your account. Slow and steady wins the race.